Product Review: Rabbit Habbit Aphrodisiac Nectar

Why don’t male rabbits make any noise while they’re having sex? Because they have cotton balls! But maybe if they had Rabbit Habbit, they couldn’t help but make more noise.

Rabbit Habbit is the only “aphrodisiac nectar” on the market, so to call it an energy drink really doesn’t do it any justice, because it isn’t one of those. Not only is it a “sexual enhancement tool” for your tool, but it’s a great mixer as well.

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The Ultimate Men’s Grooming Spot


The boys over at Hommage Atelier may have just created the most perfect high end men’s grooming salon in the world. Located in Manhattan, it is the only free-standing Hommage Atelier and it provides haircuts, manicures and expensive liquor.

An executive shave costs $125, hair cuts run from $120 to $650, and a back wax costs $100.
Next time you’re in NYC and have some dough to throw around, check it out.

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Dandruff- Not Just For Dudes

As men, we hear all the time all the things we do wrong. We’re pigs, all we think about is sex and we have no idea how to groom ourselves. But hold on ladies- you aren’t exactly batting 1.000 either. According to a recent survey by,  dandruff ranked as the number one concern amongst men and the women they “deal” with.

One third of the 2,000 men surveyed said that their old lady’s dandruff had caused some discomfort in their relationship. Additionally, more than 50 percent of men would rather clean the bathroom for a month than tell their girlfriend or wife that she has dandruff.

Some pretty “heady” stuff, ladies. Next time you need a break from being perfect or telling us how to live, go wash your hair.


Product Review: Irish Spring Clear & Fresh Skin Body Wash

In the cult classic The Big Lebowski, Mr. Lebowski wonders aloud to The Dude, “What makes a man, Mr. Lebowski?”  

What is it? What makes a man, a man?

Is it scent? Is it responsibility? Is it clear, clean skin? Well, if it is indeed any of those things, the new product from Irish Spring has taken all the thinking out of it for you.

Try the Irish Spring Clear & Fresh Skin Body Wash for yourself and let it take the thinking out of body wash for you. Between your job, new old lady, ex-wife, mortgage and ’99 Mazda 626, don’t you have enough on your mind already? Read the full review here.


Dollar Shave Club

This is a great promo video for this new product/service. If you want more than one blade you’ll be paying more than $1 per month, but this idea is pretty cool. Check out for more info.


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