Product Review: Pherlure Pheromone Cologne


What the hell is a pheromone? According to Wikipedia: “A pheromone is a secreted or excreted chemical factor that triggers a social response in members of the same species.”

I was familiar with a hormone, thanks to my mom’s favorite joke that she’s been telling since I met her:

“How do you make a hormone, Paul?”

“I don’t know mom, how?”

“Step on her toe!”

Pherlure smelled great – it really smelled fantastic. And the fact that it’s loaded with drugs to help you score that women can’t detect is like having a million Drew Rosenhauses working for you, at a fraction of the cost. Read the entire review here.


Product Review: Joe Horn’s Bayou 87 BBQ Sauce

During his playing career, Joe Horn was an electrifying receiver who made play after play even though opposing defenses were keyed in on him week after week. Horn became a fan favorite during a career which saw him set the Saints career mark in touchdowns and make the Pro Bowl four times in five seasons. But what the fans loved even more than his production was the way he played and fought for every inch every time he had the ball.

Horn has now translated that love of football into a love of another gridiron- the one in your backyard via his new BBQ sauce Joe Horn’s Bayou 87 BBQ Sauce. And this isn’t a product marketed by a famous person that isn’t any good- you don’t even need to know who Joe Horn is to like this sauce. Read the review here.

Check out Joe Horn’s Bayou 87 BBQ Sauce at And follow Joe on both Twitter (@JoeHorn87) and on Facebook. Joe answers all Tweets he receives and does as much on Facebook as he can, a point that Joe emphasized.

“People ask me all the time on Twitter if this is the “real” Joe Horn. And I tell ‘em the same thing every time: 6-1, 212 pounds of twisted steel with sex appeal. It’s your boy HOLLYWOOD 87!!”


Product Review: adizero Rose 2.5 “Brenda” Colorway

Adidas has just released the adizero Rose 2.5 basketball shoe in time for the seond half of the NBA season and Chicago Bulls playoff run.

Rose’s fourth signature adidas basketball shoes tip the scales at just 11 ounces, making it the lightest signature sneaker he has ever worn on the court.

Not only that but the shoe just looks slick. Check out the entire review, complete with a video of D Rose describing the shoe in detail, here.


Jose Reyes New Look

In order to comply with the Florida Marlins “clean cut” policy, new acquisition Jose Reyes shaved off his trademark dreadlocks. “It’s going to be a little bit emotional because I spent three years with this hair. But at the same time, I understand this rule of my new team. I’m a team player, so I have to cut it off.”

In an effort to raise money for charity, Reyes put his hair on Ebay, and amazingly, people bid for it. The hair sold for $6,112 dollars.


Do You Have “Hair Like Clay?”

Is there any NFL player with better hair than Packers LB Clay Mathews? The 2010 NFL Defensive Player of the Year knows a thing or to about attacking NFL QB’s, but he knows even more (if you can imagine that) about men’s hair care!

Suave and Clay Mathews have teamed up to launch the “Hair Like Clay” Promotion. From now until February 15th, fans have the opportunity to show off their best hair style mimicking Clay’s – either using their real hair or sporting a Clay-like wig – by posting their photo to @SuaveMen on Twitter and including the hashtag #hairlikeclay. The winner will get to spend an ENTIRE day hanging out with Clay!

visit or for more info.


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