Tom vs. Eli: Personal Style Edition

It’s “Super Bowl Week”, ladies and germs. And if I hear one more comparison between Eli Manning and Tom Brady, I’m going to vomit. So instead of comparing their playing styles, let’s compare their hair and personal style.

While watching (sleeping) the Pro Bowl last night, half time consisted of a Bob Costas led interview with Tom Brady and then Eli Manning.

“Tom Terrific” looked dapper as ever, sporting perfectly coifed hair to match a perfect grey suit, accented with a black and white checkered dress shirt with a perfect black tie, tied into a perfect “Windsor” knot.  Eli, meanwhile, had all the charm of an orphan with his overgrown, “mussed” hair and a cheap faux fleece pullover that looked like a $15 one from Old Navy that I own. Eli seemed disoriented, while “Tommy Ballgame” answered every question the way you want your son to answer every question when he grows up, even if you don’t have a son.

If the clash of wardrobes on Sunday night was any indication, the Patriots will roll.


Male Grooming- Now Huge In Korea

The numbers are in. And Korean men love their skin even more than Americans do. In 2010, Korean men spent 425.7 billion “won” on skincare products which was the most in the world and followed by China, Japan and the USA.

High ranking Korean politicians have also responded to the booming trend by making improvements of their own that are really funny to read about and visualize.

My favorite?

“Rep. Hong Joon-pyo became a target of gossip for his tattooed eyebrows several months ago.”


Flacco’s Facial Hair- Cooler If Tom Brady Wore It?


Heading into Sunday’s AFC championship which the Ravens would eventually lose, starting QB Joe Flacco had been catching a lot of “flak” about his moustache. Erroneously reported as a “Handlebar Moustache” by numerous NFL TV experts (Rollie Fingers had to be furious), Flacco was actually sporting a “Fu Manchu” during the Ravens playoff run.

As a man, it’s important you know the difference. The “Fu Manchu”, while similar to the “Handlebar” is different because the Fu Manchu is grown only from the upper lip, whilst the sides remain clean shaven.

So it begs the question- if Tom Brady started sporting one, would it suddenly become “cool”?


The Crew Cut Is Dead- But Why??

Who killed the Crew Cut? Was it Chris Mullin? Was it the military?

I want answers! I want the truth!” “You can’t handle the truth!”

Recently, Robert Pattinson got credit for sporting a Crew Cut, but since when is “high and tight” a Crew Cut? Uhh, since NEVER. My grandfather promply rolled over in his grave, uttered the word “Pansy’s” and went back to sleep.

Wait- if a teeny bopper is sporting one, it can’t be dead, right?? But if you’re going to do it, please do it right. Now, pass the whiskey.


Product Review: “The Hangover” Recovery Shot

Hangover Joe's hangover cute

It won’t help your hair, but it will sure help that thing underneath your hair, aka your BRAIN. You know, that thing that tells you it would be a “good idea” to drink all those $3 Jim Beam’s on a weeknight. Or, tells you it would be a “good idea” to hit on that woman conducting the job interview. Nice work, jerk.

Even if you weren’t drunk the night before, “Hangover Joe’s” will get you into gear when “you need that extra push, over the cliff.”


Home improvement resolutions

Now that the new year has arrived, most people start thinking about resolutions for the new year. It’s an annual ritual and can be fun. Resolutions often have to do with fitness, health and diet, but can also cover things like relationships or projects around the house. Some guys want to change their look, so they come to sites like this for grooming ideas and tips

But for many people, these resolutions don’t survive the month of January. If you’re serious about making changes, you have to come up with a plan and stick to it. Pick goals that are actually attainable and realistic, and then make sure you get started on the project right away with initial planning to build momentum, even if the project won’t be finished until later in the year.

For home improvement projects, there is so much work that you can stretch it out over time. Think about doing something for the project every Saturday. Start browsing for ideas for various rooms, whether online or by browsing paint stores, furniture stores and places like Home Depot. If you want to hang art, photos or posters, start looking into things like custom frames.

Build a checklist for everything you want to do, so it’s easier to tick off things each week. This will provide a sense of progress and accomplishment, so your resolution won’t have to be repeated next year!


Product Review: Minus 417

Sometimes, just like in real life (i.e. bad date, bad haircut, etc), the products we receive just aren’t that good. For example, the products from Minus 417 just weren’t anything that we’d recommend. Click here for the full review.


“Project Badass”: Biggie Haircut

Maybe I’m just easily impressed, but I think shaving a hip-hop icon into the back of your head is pretty badass. It doesn’t even have to be a hip-hop icon necessarily- it could be Don Henley and I’d still stare at it in wonderment, with mouth agape.

I think we’re all pretty familiar with hair grapics by now, see an example thanks to the former “Ron Artest” here if not.

But it’s evolved even further. Check out this link to a barber in Ohio who carves (no clippers used, purportedly) the profile of one Biggie Smalls into the back of a customer’s head.

“Project Badass”, anyone?


Nice Caucus!

In the political world, few things are as big as Iowa’s Caucus. And while the night proved to be fruitful for Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum, it was equally bad for Michelle Bachman Turner Overdrive, Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich.

But enough with the results- who was dressed the best? Which potential Commander-In-Chief looked the most presidential? When it comes to sheer caucus size, Iowa’s may not be the biggest, but the ramifications from its caucus will be thrust in front of the eyes and into the minds of American’s Republicans.

Who looked the best??


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