The Spa- Not Just For The Ladies Anymore

Did you know that men comprise roughly 40% of the clientele that regularly visit a spa? What would John Wayne say? Probably nothing good, but male spa-goaers have increased roughly 900% in the last five years.

So what does this mean for you, the casual “Male-Groomer”? It means you should hit a spa and get a facial; it will do wonders for your skin and make shaving that much easier.


Start Of NBA Season Means Harden’s Beard Is Back

The NBA is baaack. And that means James Hrden’s beard is also back, and thicker than ever. As a key reserve and generally the Thunder’s first player of the bench, Harden made it cool to have a beard again last season.

For everything that Brawny paper towels tried to do by replacing the iconic “Brawny Man” and limiting his beard, James Harden’s beard is single handedly reversing the trend.


Product Review: RAW Men’s Skin Care

In the words of Ol’ Dirty Bastard, “Oooh baby, I like it RAW.” Was he talking about sex? Or, the latest line of products from RAW skincare?  This isn’t just a white bottle with the word “lotion” on it that you can mindlessly pick up at Wal-Mart — this is a complete facial cleansing system, specifically designed for men who know the difference.


Product Review: Braun cruZer Series

Using both the CruZer6 and the Head and Beard Trimmer was like a shaving intervention — I had been living in the dark ages using a razor and scissors, and in the process, limiting myself and my style. And I wasn’t even aware until I broke my normal pattern. In addition to being effective, both cruZer products just looked cool sitting on my sink. If someone used my bathroom and saw them I could momentarily fool them into thinking I had my shit together.

“Wow, Paul has really turned a corner in his life. I never thought that dude would grow up.”

To check out the entire cruZer line from Braun, visit the official site or follow this link.


Better than a normal holiday card!

Tired of the old ways of doing things? If you like fun apps you should check this out.

Axe has a new message app on Facebook called AXE CELEBRATIONS that let’s you send some fun messages to friends for all sorts of events. Just take a look and the image above. With AXE you can send holiday greetings for birthday wishes and have some fun.

Basically, this app offers up a new way of celebrating the special dates of the year. You can set it up to have messages sent at any time using all the tools in the app so it’s very flexible. Just install the application on your Facebook profile.

With Christmas coming up this should be a fun one to try out.


Gift ideas for the kids

With the holidays around the corner, one of the hot topics in the barbershops will revolve around gift for the holidays. What should I get for my wife? What about the kids?

Of course you’ll get plenty of ideas from the kids themselves, and many of them will revolve around the newest and latest gadgets. Everything from the iPad, to smartphones to the latest video games and game consoles will get a ton of attention. And naturally you’re going to get some of that stuff, as it’s a part of the modern world.

But we’re about appreciating old school things, and some of the stuff you liked as a kid will also be big hits with your own kids. And, some of those things might get kids off of their behinds to run around a bit. We all know that having them sitting around all day isn’t good for their health or your sanity.

One classic has to be basketball on the driveway, so shopping for outdoor basketball goals might be a great option for your family. It’s a great way for the kids to have fun with their friends, and for you to get up a play a bit as well. That belly isn’t going away all by itself!

If you’re looking for a gadget to excite your kids, think about a basketball hoop for the driveway and you and your family will have hours of fun.


Product Review: eShave Orange Sandalwood Collection

E-mail, E-dating and Eazy- E- What other “E” does a man even need? Check out eShave, homeboy. And whip that POS beard into shape, ASAP.


Product Review: PERT Plus Classic Clean

For a long time I thought PERT Plus was just for old people. I still remember seeing the crusty old green bottle in the corner of my shower as a youth. Nothing about it said “cool” or “refreshing” — it was sort of an 80′s standard that my dad used religiously, right next to his ceramic bottle of Old Spice. But guess what, junior- PERT Plus is BAAAACK and better than ever!!


Heisman Hopefuls Hair As Versatile As Playing Styles

Tonight, one of five finalists will be announced as the 2011 Heisman Trophy winner. And just like with style of play or position, each finalist has his own take on men’s grooming.  

Until recently Alabama’s Trent Richardson had sported dreds like fellow Heisman finalist, Baylor’s Robert Griffiin III, but shaved them off in favor of a tight fade. Speaking of fades, LSU’s Tyrann Mathieu has sported a dyed blond fade/faux hawk all season which actually typifies his playing style. Stanford’s Andrew Luck’s hair says all you need to know about him- short on flash or frills, he gets it done efficiently. Montee Ball’s hair is short, to the point and gets it done without much fanfare.

If I got a vote for the “Heisman of Hair” from this group, I’d vote Mathieu.


Dreaming of a Ferrari

Here’s a video of the new Ferrari 458 Spider with Retractable Hard Top from the Frankfurt Motor Show. This brand keeps pumping out great sports cars.


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