Promoting a barbershop

The world is changing rapidly, but many barbers and barbershops are keeping up with the times. It’s interesting to see this old school business being promoted so successfully in today’s social media world. Many barbers and barbershops are on Twitter, and many have Facebook pages as well. These are great tools for building customer loyalty and finding new customers. Many are also using texting for making appointments, as using the phone can be very cumbersome and interrupts a session with a customer. With texting a barber can reply after he’s finished with a hair cut or shave.

The best promotion is word of mouth, but now social media can help there as well. Online reviews can go a long way towards promoting a service like haircuts.

Of course, this is a people business, and the tools above don’t negate the importance of tradition methods. Smart barbers still focus on a nice outdoor sign and take advantage printing cool-looking promotional materials.

Still, it’s nice to see the combination of an old service and new ways of marketing and promotion.


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