Quinn Puts The “Man” In Mannequin

If “Quinn” the AXE Mannequin can pick up a hot babe like Kendra thanks to AXE Body Spray, imagine what  you can do considering you have a heartbeat and a bank account, the two things women care about most, not necessarily in that order.

Quinn is kind of a stud though, with his perfect abs and chiseled facial features. So if you want to have any shot at keeping your girlfriend when he’s around, load up on the AXE and spray in the areas detailed here.


2012 Ford Focus SEL Hatchback gallery

Ford Focus gallery at Bullz-Eye

Our friends at Bullz-Eye got their hands on the 2012 Ford Focus SEL Hatchback to for a spin and a review. According to their early reports, you’ll have to forget everything you know about the Ford Focus.

The test model has a sharp Kona Blue Metallic exterior and a charcoal black interior. Forget about everything you knew about the Focus as this “Detroit Star “was built from the bottom up and just about everything from the design to the 17 inch alloy wheels is eye catching.

They’ve also put together a gallery of this little five-door for your enjoyment. Head over to the Bullz-Eye Blog to check it out.


The Handle Bar Moustache- Can You “Handle” It, Ladies?

What’s better than feeling a man’s moustache rub against your cheek, ladies? What’s better than its scent, its carefully crafted arc? It’s what makes a man, a man, baby. And that’s what you’re after.

The “Handlebar Moustache” says, “Hey baby I’m rough and tough and build things made out of iron and use power tools, casually, but I’ve also got the savior faire and finesse of a young Tom Selleck- how far is your apartment from here?”

If you want to set the MLB all time save record when you grow up, here’s how to groom your own “Handlebar”.

Remember ladies, the “Handlebar” likes to tickle- and don’t you like to be tickled??


Bullz-Eye checks out the Lambos and ladies in Frankfurt

Lamborghini at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The Frankfurt Motor Show is a sprawling affair, all about cars and concept vehicles. No auto show would be complete without a few gorgeous ladies to help draw some interest for the cars. The Lamborghini exhibit was certainly no exception. It not only showcased some of the most beautiful cars; Lamborghini had the good sense to have some beautiful Italian models standing with the supercars.

Once again, the guys at Bullz-Eye snapped some great shots of both the cars and the ladies. Be sure to head over to their gallery on the Bullz-Eye Blog for more pics like the one above. They have a gallery of 20 images for you to enjoy.


Bullz-Eye hits the Triumph Factory Demo Tour

Triumph Factory Demo Tour.

The guys at Bullz-Eye are getting their hands on more than just cars these days. They recently had the opportunity to attend the Triumph Factory Demo Tour, which is basically a riding day to help get new and re-envisioned bikes in front of motorcycle enthusiasts.

Here’s a quick quote from one of the rides they went on:

The first ride out was at 9 a.m. Since I arrived early, I had the pick of the litter and chose a Triumph Thruxton. The Thruxton is one of three bikes in the retro modern line, which includes the base Bonneville, the Scrambler (vintage dirt bike design). The retro modern line showcases the designs of the past with modern mechanicals. The Thruxton shares mechanicals with the other two bikes with an 865cc, 68 horsepower parallel twin-cylinder motor. The Thruxton, being styled like a café racer, is arguably the most attractive of the triplets with its single passenger bullet seat, lower handlebars, bar-end mirrors, and more aggressive riding position. Going into the day, it was the bike I was most looking forward to riding.

For more about the Triumph line of bikes and the Factory Demo event, head over to the Bullz-Eye Blog.


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