White People And Dreadlocks Are Out


In a sense, white people with dreadlocks are an offense to nature, like the “Double Down” sandwich from Burger King. While the “Double Down” literally gives Mother Nature the middle finger (combining parts from pig, chicken and cow, then frying it), white people with dreads do much the same thing because they are forced and do not occur naturally.

Was that style ever really “in”, anyway? We all knew “Phish Kid” who had them and thought it was a phase, just like the copious drug use. Unless you’re Jon Favreau in the cult hit PCU, and you happen to be white, don’t do it. We all know you’re just mad at your dad.

What was that? You want to know how to style your hair into dreadlocks, and you’re a white person? Well, step one is to stop showering, which is no way to start a new hair style or anything else really.


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4 responses to “White People And Dreadlocks Are Out”

  • Pffft says:

    “white people with dreads do much the same thing because they are forced and do not occur naturally” Not true. I’m “white” and my great great grandfather was Jamaican (Black/Amerindian/perhaps a small percentage white, but mainly dark), no one would guess …. My hair knots up like ****, pretty sure it’s my Jamaican’s heritage doing. I could grow dreadlocks in no time, without intention. I currently have a few knots to untangle … again *grrr* Greetings, “White” with mixed ancestry (like I said most would not see me in any way related to the Caribbean, you should broaden your scope a bit) ….

  • coco says:

    fuck you man dreads are good for any person

  • ClippAid says:

    Especially that guy in the picture!

  • Reason says:

    When were those disgusting nappy cigar rolls “IN” for intelligent Caucasians with any sense of self-respect and decorum?
    Wiggers are kinda low on the IQ totem pole. When a group of whites and a black loiter together, the exchange always sinks to the lowest common denominator – ebonics.

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