The New Hairdo: The Hair Does You

You know the hairdo; anybody who works for a nameless corporation has seen the IT people in their company rocking this hairstyle, along with bleached white Jerry Seinfled-esque tennis shoes and tight blue denim jeans worn in classic “high-water” style. You can’t just grow it; it grows you.

It’s sort of like Rod Blagojevich’s hair but without the forced part and looks more like a sponge/white afro. The hair just IS. So what’s a brother to do? Rock that shit. It’s in like made for TV Kardashian weddings.


2011 Hyundai Equus Signature Gallery at Bullz-Eye

Hyundai Equus.

The guys at Bullz-Eye are getting ready to test drive a 2011 Hyundai Equus Signature so they’ve put together a gallery to show off the car. Here’s what they have to say so far:

Equus is the top of the line in a growing and stylish Hyundai brand. We were very impressed with the largess, design and luxurious appointments of the Equus. The moment you get behind the wheel it’s very clear that the Equus is a serious player in the luxury market.

While you wait on the review, head over to the Bullz-Eye Blog and check out the 2011 Hyundai Equus Signature gallery.


Lice Ain’t Nice

We spend a lot of time covering hair on this blog, so let’s spend a column talking about your “uninvited roommate”, lice. Finding out you have lice is like finding out you’re pregnant- suddenly, an organism is living off your every move, depending on you for survival. Lice are like that sleazy ex-girlfriend you used hang out with on the sneak tip, late at night. While you sleep, they creep, gaining ground by the week.

So what do you do if someone you love has lice? Shun them. Cut off all ties. Just stop hanging out with them altogether. Even if it’s your mom, daughter, wife- especially wife. It’s the only sure way. If you still want to hang out with them, have them follow these steps and pray to the heavens. Because in the end, roaches, lice and lawyers will outlive us all.  Word is bond.


Sexy girls with guns

We love beautiful women regardless of what they are posing with, but girls with guns have some serious sex appeal.


White People And Dreadlocks Are Out


In a sense, white people with dreadlocks are an offense to nature, like the “Double Down” sandwich from Burger King. While the “Double Down” literally gives Mother Nature the middle finger (combining parts from pig, chicken and cow, then frying it), white people with dreads do much the same thing because they are forced and do not occur naturally.

Was that style ever really “in”, anyway? We all knew “Phish Kid” who had them and thought it was a phase, just like the copious drug use. Unless you’re Jon Favreau in the cult hit PCU, and you happen to be white, don’t do it. We all know you’re just mad at your dad.

What was that? You want to know how to style your hair into dreadlocks, and you’re a white person? Well, step one is to stop showering, which is no way to start a new hair style or anything else really.


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