Support your local Burning Man barber: Barber Ella

Love Burning Man? Love 60’s sci-fi? Love Jane Fonda? All hard things to deny. An ambitious group of Burning Man devotees have put together a plan to provide barber services at the legendary festival, but they need some help getting their shop together. They’ve started a Kickstarter fund to help with supplies, gear, and a few props to get the shop going. The hope is to make the Barber Ella Barber shop a staple of the Burning Man festival for years to come.

Here’s a quick pitch from their Kickstarter page:


We were thrilled to learn recently that Burning Man is placing us in the bustling 9:00 plaza. Thus far, the Barber Ella campmates have put lots of hard work and creative energy into the project: a true labor of love. Now though, we’re hoping to expand our budget to fit our exciting location — to turn our humble haircuttery into a shop that’s shinier, sexier, and most importantly more accessible. Haircuts for all!


We’ll shave your name into people’s hair. Well, that’s just one of the appropriately out-there ways we have of saying we think you’re awesome. Other options include sexy bandanas, gorgeous original posters, line-cutting privileges, and a spot on the “Mannequin of Patronage.” Heck, you can have the mannequin named after you! Of course, we’re looking forward to seeing all burners, backers and non-backers alike, in our styling chairs on the playa.

If you haven’t used Kickstarter before, it allows supporters to pledge donations to help fund a startup. The startup only gets paid if it reaches the goal, so make sure you tell your friends about Barber Ella and help them get funded!


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