2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution SE Gallery

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo.

The Bullz-Eye crew got its hooves on a 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution SE for review. They’ll be taking the car for a review, which you’ll be able to read in a week or so. In the meantime, take a look at the gallery of the car posted on the Bullz-Eye Blog.


Beware The Unibrow

UnibrowDuring conversations at the office do you feel like people are staring at you while you’re talking, yet not listening or making eye contact? In some cultures the unibrow is viewed as an attractive feature, indicative of virility, like in Iran; no wonder we won’t let them have nukes.  Well, not in the US of A, buddy. Nothing will make you a social outcast faster than not maintaining and trimming the hair above your nose, between your eyes.

Here are a few tips on how to eradicate your unibrow and how to maintain your eyebrow hair in general.


Bullz-Eye hits the Monte Carlo Las Vegas

Monte Carlo.

As part of its trip to Vegas, Bullz-Eye also spent some time at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Resort. The Monte Carlo is easily one of the most recognizable resorts in the world, and includes some incredible places to sate your appetite. The group hit the Monte Carlo Pub as well as the Minus5 ice bar and Andre’s restaurant.

Here’s a brief excerpt about the experience:
Even though the temperature in Las Vegas was closing in on 100 degrees we were heading into Minus5 in the Monte Carlo where things were going to go cold very quickly. Minus5 was created in New Zealand and is basically an ice bar where you can witness frozen ice sculptures from mount rushmore to the Minus5 logo. Remember that everything inside Minus5 is made of ice including the seats, the walls, the bar and the glasses that your drinks are poured into! We wore eskimo coats and gloves and we all agreed that Minus5 is one of those original places you have to visit when in Vegas. After a great time at Minus5 we had time to clean up and get ready for a fabulous dinner at Andre’s. When walking back to the Hotel32 elevator I realized how comfortable I was at the Monte Carlo since my visit last year. Although the Monte Carlo is far from home I realized coming back here was essentially visiting a place a where I knew my way around where the familiar surroundings were welcoming.

For a gallery of pictures about the experience and the full write-up, head over to the Bullz-Eye Blog.


Rockport Day-to-Night Wingtips review

Looking ahead to fall what styles will catch our eye? What are the latest trends in shoes? Rockport clued Bullz-Eye in on a few of their star releases and our feet thanked them for the gesture. We first tested the Rockport “D2N Wingtip” in which are Suede wingtips in winter smoke colorway and let me tell you my friends these are some very sharp shoes. They will be released in July 2011 and they are eye grabbing footwear.

Comfort is right on target with leather lining that provides moisture absorption and abrasion resistance. The premium suede is easy to clean and the leather socklining provides durable moisture absorption and sonforms to the shape of your foot. These Day to Night Wintips are some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve worn in many a moons. I found out part of the reason is that the footbed incorporates Adidas Adiprene highly shock absorbent cushioning which protects the heel at impact. As far as the classic look is concerned the Italian leather and rubber outsole provides durability and helps protect the product life. Looking good in the box is one thing but with Rockport quality the D2N Wingtips will provide plenty of mileage for those who appreciate the best for your feet.

These kicks from Rockport are Fall 2011 styles and will be available for retail at Rockport retail stores and Rockport.com!


Bullz-Eye drops in at the NYNY Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

NYNY Hotel and Casino.

Bullz-Eye recently had a chance to head out to Vegas and check out the New York New York Hotel and Casino. The New York New York is a spectacle to say the least. From the replica of the Statue of Liberty to the 300-foot long, 50-foot high Brooklyn Bridge replica, the hotel is impossible to miss on the strip.

Here’s a clip of Bullz-Eye’s experience:

We aren’t even close to being finished yet but you have to remember our stay consisted one of only one night at New York – New York so planners wanted to show us as much of the property as possible and we appreciated the first class treatment at such a happening place in the heart of the Vegas Strip. After a short walk in the casino we entered the Bar at Times Square which was just crazy hopping so when I learned that this was the #1 rated dueling piano show in Vegas I wasn’t the bit surprised. Bar at Times Square is a place that energizes you with the best songs and great piano playing singers who know how to entertain the crowd. Vinny also checked in on us and the seemed to approve of the fact that we all had drinks and were singing along and flat out having a great time. But NYNY Las Vegas keeps offering up more to do with various crowds and interests so be sure that whatever it is that entertains you they most likely provide it at the New York – New York. Exit Bar at Times Square and we’re off to ROK Vegas Nightclub which sports the first 360 degree video screen in any Vegas Nightclub and a very sleek outdoor patio that overlooks the strip. Our VIP table security guard Mike was right on and drinks we flowing. If you’re into dancing and just cutting it up check out ROK with your friends next time at the New York – New York . Time to crash and get ready for another busy day!

Head over to the Bullz-Eye Blog to take a look at a gallery of the visit and the full write-up of the experience.


Your Face Needs An Upgrade

Classic Hair

Tired of the same boring facial hair you’ve been rocking for an extended period of time, yet don’t want to do anything too extreme? Take a gander at these “Timeless Facial Hair Styles” for a few ideas that won’t “rock the boat”, but will re-energize your face.
Don’t know what a “Short Circle Beard” is? Well, welcome to manhood, son! And get your mind out of the gutter because it’s nothing like a “Boston Pancake”, how dare you even suggest that?!


Groom Your Body In Five Minutes


You’re a man. You build things out of iron and eat meat. You lift heavy objects and push your blood pressure to the limit by engaging in questionable female relations. But those things are no excuse to ignore your overall body hair situation. Sure, your head hair is up to your standards, but what about your “other hair”? Chances are you’re overlooking some areas that need some attention. Take five minutes, and give yourself a good once over. Your “Special Lady” will be impressed.


Father’s Day: Facts and Figures

Father’s day is the day where you put your best foot forward and try to find something your dad will really like to have as a gift or spend his day doing. Some dads are really into sports, some are really into fashion (believe it or not) and some are motor-heads. With over $11,000,000,000 dollars spent yearly on Father’s day gifts, it’s a huge industry and because of that, there is a ton of data surrounding it.

The infographic below shares some interesting information regarding what consumers go with when they’re looking for the absolute perfect Father’s day gifts. Take a look (Click the image for a full-size view).


Rugby Players Have Great Hair


Lately, with no NFL offseason to focus my attention on, I’ve watched more rugby than I ever thought I was capable of. The rules escape me so far, but I’ve been able to ascertain two things; 1) the “Churchill Cup” is going on right now, pitting various nations against each other to determine a champion. 2) There is some great hair going on.

The most popular look is a summer cut/crew cut look keeping it short. But the remaining players sport either some kind of variation of the Mohawk/faux hawk, or long haired “William Wallace” look, with hair excessively long, and sweaty. With no NFL to turn to check out the Champions Cup for great action, and great hair. Game on.


Bullz-Eye hits the Monte Carlo and New York – New York in Las Vegas

Monte Carlo.

Our friends at Bullz-Eye are in Las Vegas this weekend to explore the finer side of life. They’ll be hanging out at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino and the New York – New York Hotel and Casino for the weekend, sending back impressions of the wild nightlife in Sin City.

Both resorts are offering up a prize package as well. Here’s the brief info from Bullz-Eye:

So make sure you enter for your chance to enjoy the spoilings of the New York – New York Hotel and Casino and the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino, where some of the sharpest people go to enjoy their time in the ultimate getaway destination on the planet. Some of the exciting events we are really pumped up about include catching Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity, which is described as a seductive twist on reality making the provacative playful and the forbidden electrifying. At the Monte Carlo we’re going to kick back with our group and order some of BRAND’s creative signature cocktails. This modern spot sports dramatically lit ceiling canopies, favorite DJ’s and great people watching!

For more about the trip, head over to the Bullz-Eye Blog. Stay tuned for updates after this great weekend trip!


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