Nissan teams up with Funny or Die

You’ve probably seen the Nissan commercial in which a Juke driver delivers donuts with some action-movie flair.

In that spirit, Funny or Die is partnering with the Nissan Juke to take real people’s missions – “Do my homework.” “Babysit my kids.” “Teach me origami!” – and transforms them from lame, everyday chores to the coolest, funniest, action adventure. You have to “like” Nissan Juke on Facebook, submit a mission to the “Mission Submission” application and then for a lucky few, the Juke Guy, his Juke and a Funny or Die film crew will show up at their door to complete their mission.


Bullz-Eye tries out the new Domino’s wings and boneless chicken

New Domino's Wings.

Domino’s has been undergoing a brand revision over the past year, and it hasn’t just been the pizza. The company has changed up its wing recipe as well, which Bullz-Eye had a chance to sample this past week.

Here’s a quick look at Bullz-Eye’s impressions:

Domino’s sent over both boneless chicken and regular chicken wings in Hot, BBQ and Sweet Mango Habanero. The Domino’s chicken is billed as the next chapter in the Domino’s story of reinvention and we are happy to report this chicken is very good. My fellow chicken wing fanatics and I first noticed how tender the chicken was on the wings. Lean and tender was the best way to describe the new Domino’s wings and the flavors are vibrant and accurate. The favorite was the Sweet Mango Habanero and when dipped in the provided Ranch or blue cheese containers forget about it!

For the full impression, head over to the Bullz-Eye Blog.


Bullz-Eye heads to the GT Academy finals in Orlando

GT Academy Finals

Every gamer dreams of somehow making a living from playing games. What if games could actually change your life, though, giving you the chance to fulfill a childhood dream? That’s exactly the situation Sony and Nissan devised when they came up with GT Academy, an online Gran Turismo tournament that gives players a chance to become a real race car driver.

Jeff Morgan went down to Orlando to witness the finals of the first GT Academy season to hit the US. Nissan set up the media event to mimic the experience the actual competitors were facing. The media went head to head in custom-built Gran Turismo sleds and followed up the experience with some real world driving lessons at the Disney Speedway.

To read about the experience and the tournament, head over to the Bullz-Eye Games channel.


Terrell Brandon enjoys the time in “his” BarberShop

Terrell Brandon is more than just a former NBA star these days – he’s a barber. That’s right, Brandon opened up his own barber shop in the Portland neighborhood where he grew up. The name? Terrell Brandon’s Barber Shop.

Here’s what Brandon has to say about his shop, courtesy of ESPN:

Brandon spends five days a week at his shop, which he says reminds him of his days in the locker room.

“Guys can open up and say all types of things and walk straight out of the door and know it will not be repeated, no matter what,” Brandon said. “That’s how it is in the barbershop — it’s honest and guys can talk about sports, their ladies or politics. It’s good to see people enjoying themselves and being able to get a haircut too, but it’s the conversations we have that make me feel good.”

For more about Terrell Brandon’s latest endeavor, check out the article on ESPN.


Good advice on how to throw a punch!

Throw a punch.

Like it or not, there may come a time when you need to defend yourself, and it definitely helps if you know how to throw a good punch. The guys at Shave Magazine have put together a quick and dirty guide to getting the job done.

Here’s a quick excerpt about your fists:

Rotate your fist so that the back of your hand and forearm are directly facing the opponent. This position both allows you to block your opponent’s strikes and retaliate in a more precise manner. Before throwing a punch, you should know how to properly make a fist. A lot of beginners fail to accurately make a fist because they tend to curl their fingers around their thumb. This position can lead to the thumb being broken and/or separated during actual contact. The blow forces the hand to apply more pressure to the thumb while attacking, which causes the bone to retract and possibly break. The preferred method for positioning the thumb is to wrap it around, not inside, the other fingers. Remember to always keep the fist in line with your wrist and arm, and never bend the wrist because it can cause serious injury.

For the full guide on throwing a punch, check out Shave Magazine.


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