The “Wanted” contest from Every Man Jack is back

Every Man Jack is an award-winning grooming brand known for their style, quality ingredients and affordable prices. The Every Man Jack “Wanted” contest is back this year, giving guys a chance to win one of several Every Man Jack prize packages, a trip for two to Vegas, and a potential spot in the company’s upcoming national print ad campaign.

To sign up for the contest, register at until July 16th. The first round of voting will be held from July 19th through the 30th, narrowing the field to just ten contestants. Those ten will have a shot at winning the Vegas trip, which includes:

* Two nights at the new Planet Hollywood
* Entry to the Planet Hollywood spa and health club
* Dinner for two at a restaurant in Caesar’s Palace
* Two show tickets for select Vegas performances
* Roundtrip transportation to and from Planet Hollywood
* Free Every Man Jack products for one year

One grand prize winner will be featured in an Every Man Jack ad later this year. Get out there, register, and set your friends to voting. You’ll need a lot of votes to top win the field.


Bullz-Eye reviews the 2011 Mazda 2

Mazda 2.

Subcompacts continue to post strong sales in a struggling automotive market and the Mazda 2 won’t likely be an exception. The sporty little five-door exemplifies the Zoom Zoom brand Mazda has established over the past several years.

Our guys at Bullz-Eye had a chance to test drive the Mazda 2 in Montreal this year. Here’s an excerpt of what they found:

The vehicle offers levels of fuel economy you would expect for a subcompact, with five-speed manual transmission models returning 29/35 MPG (city/highway), while models equipped with available four-speed automatics will return 27/33 MPG (city/highway). These numbers represent the most fuel-efficient car in the Mazda lineup today, and the highest fuel efficiency of any Mazda vehicle ever offered in North America. Let’s hope these numbers get even better in future models, as Mazda and the other car companies make more investments in fuel economy technology.

The interior was comfortable and surprisingly roomy for a subcompact. The dash stresses horizontal lines so again Mazda avoided some of the radical design techniques embraced by others in this category. The Mazda designers stressed their goal of designing the car for its most common use – one driver in a city setting. They sacrificed some storage space in the back along the way, but it helped them achieve some of the design goals for the overall look of the vehicle.

For the complete 2011 Mazda 2 review, head over to Bullz-Eye .com. You can always find the latest auto news and reviews at the Bullz-Eye Cars Channel.


Old Spice Anti Perspirant & Deodorant reviews

Old Spice Logo.Old Spice is right in the mix of the fight against underarm odor with 4 targeted scents from their “Fresh Collection” of anti perspirants – deodorants. We had the chance to test Cyprus, Matterhorn, Fiji and Denali and I have to say they are all good scents that won’t offend guys out there with an overpowering fragrance (some of the competing products went overboard with too strong of an aroma that can be mistaken as a disinfectant). The protection from perspiration from Old Spice was there throughout the day and any underarm odor was kept at bay!

I found it amusing that all of the contaniers describe each scent using the word “Freedom”. Example: Denali – Smells like Wilderness, Open air and “Freedom.” Don’t get too caught up when Old Spice references “Freedom” as I really didn’t get that feeling from this product and I wasn’t anymore free than the day before. At the least I now know what “Freedom” smells like but don’t get too cocky thinking just because you now smell like “Freedom” that you are “free” to do as you please. Back to the product here….Old Spice produced good sticks for us guys’ and I plan on using them going forward.


The mustache and politicians

Photo from fOTOGLIF

Politico has an interesting article on politicians and their mustaches, and what seems to be a new trend in some races.

North Dakota Gov. John Hoeven’s Facebook page for his U.S. Senate campaign has more than 7,000 fans.

The Republican’s mustache has its own page, with 750 fans and counting — nearly double the number of his Democratic challenger.

In past years, an ambitious politician like Hoeven might not have been eager to rock a ’stache, which until recently has been as taboo for blow-dried, television-era politicians as the mutton-chop sideburn. But this year, Hoeven is part of a boomlet of statewide candidates who are flouting conventional wisdom by proudly sporting a ’stache.

Hoeven and his ‘stache are pictured above, and Politico goes on to list other candidates this year who also sport a mustache.

The article also addresses some mustache stereotypes.

Long-standing stereotypes surrounding mustaches help explain why, until recently, so few pols have sported them.

“Lower-nose accoutrements are often associated with certain professions, such as law enforcement, motorcycle maintenance, pornography, pipe fitters and horseshoe fitters union 173,” said Aaron Perlut, chairman of the American Mustache Institute, a mustache-advocacy group based in St. Louis. (White House senior adviser David Axelrod and Attorney General Eric Holder were both finalists for AMI’s 2009 Mustached American of the Year award.)

Mike Gelman, owner of the popular D.C. men’s salon The Grooming Lounge, said mustaches have been associated with the most sinister people who have sported them — such as Josef Stalin and Saddam Hussein.

Trends can change quickly, so perhaps one prominent politician can change everything.


“Entourage” returns to HBO this Sunday

Entourage cast.

It may no longer be HBO’s flagship series, but “Entourage” remains one of the network’s most consistent performers. And after last year’s excellent sixth season helped to pull the series out of its creative lull, “Entourage” is gearing up for the return of Vincent Chase and Co. with ten new episodes starting June 27th following an all-new “True Blood” and the second season premiere of the criminally underrated “Hung.”

As rumors of a possible “Entourage” movie continue to make their way around Hollywood, both executive producer Mark Wahlberg and star Jeremy Piven have confirmed that there will probably only be one more season of the show after this year. That means that Season Seven is even more important than ever, as it’s guaranteed to play a major role in setting up whatever series finale the writers have in mind. For more on the upcoming season, read our preview over on Premium Hollywood, and then follow along on our Entourage Blog throughout the course of the season. And if that’s still not enough for you, be sure to visit our Entourage Fan Hub for more related content.

Sunday, June 27th at 10:30. Be there or Ari Gold will come looking for you.


AXE Dual Shampoo and Conditioner

Axe Dual.Recently received a bottle of AXE Dual Shampoo and Conditioner and let me tell you they sent this stuff to the right guy! The only time I ever use conditioner is when it’s mixed in with the shampoo or when I want my money’s worth at a hotel.

The AXE Dual Shampoo and Conditioner is a truly 2 in 1 product that had my hair at the top of it’s game and smelling like a champ! Knowing your hair looks good is a real confidence booster and the additonal AXE scent from Dual is a real bonus.


Facial Hair—As Seen on TV

Gilette Pros.Our own Will Harris over at Bullz-Eye has been covering the Gillette line of products as part of the “Gillette Pros” series. His latest article covers the different styles of facial hair you see on TV.

· The Alternate-Universe Goatee. It’s a longstanding staple of science fiction television that, should a show’s characters ever find themselves in an alternate universe where everyone has a counterpart; the counterpart of one of the clean-shaven male characters will sport a goatee. Growing one of these is an instant opportunity to do things different from the way you ordinarily would, and it also provides you with an instant out: just shave and say, “That wasn’t me! It must have been my counterpart from that other universe!” Works every time.

For more on the most recognizable facial styles, check out the full article at


World Cup 2010 worst haircuts

The 2010 World Cup has been a who’s who of men with terrible haircuts. It’s so bad that the Telegraph has put together a gallery to catalogue the worst of the worst, and let me tell you, they are bad.

Djibril Cissé is always among the worst and this year is no different. That hair is completely ridiculous. For more pictures, check out the full gallery at the Telegraph.


Katy Perry and Mario Batali perform at 2011 VW Jetta premiere in Times Square

Katy Perry and Mario Batali at the VW Jetta premiere.

Katy Perry and chef Mario Batali made a surprise appearance at the premiere of the 2011 Volkswagen Jetta in Times Square.

Katy Perry performed her hit singles “I Kissed A Girl”, “Hot and Cold” and her new single “California Gurlz,” even jumping on the hood of the new Jetta mid-performance. “I was dancing on the hood of this all-new Volkswagen Jetta 2011 and it was fantastic! Everyone should get one and dance on it! You’ll have some incredible dance moves coming your way,” said Perry.

Chef Mario Batali was on site to put together simple and sophisticate Italian summer fare. “I’ll be happy to buy the new 2011 Volkswagen Jetta in Mario Batali orange, but I’d have to have some kind of sexy purple on the inside!” he said.

For full details on the 2011 VW Jetta launch event, check out our sister blog, Dashboard News.


Check out the Bullz-Eye Father’s Day Gift Guide for great ideas for dad

Father's Day Gift Guide.

If you need some gift ideas for Father’s Day this year, Bullz-Eye’s got you covered. We put together a gift guide packed with ideas for any dad.

If your dad’s an athlete, take a look at the SwiMP3.1G from Finis. It’s a waterproof MP3 player that attaches to your goggles and uses bone-conduction technology to deliver sound while you swim. You could also consider the Reebok Zigtech. Our guys at Bullz-Eye got to try a pair and really enjoyed them.

For the nerdy dad, we recommend the new iPhone for obvious reasons. You could also consider the Technocel Powerpak as a battery backup for that new phone, and maybe a pack of Stick and Find stickers in case dad is a little forgetful.

If you still aren’t sure what to get, take a look at the full Father’s Day Gift Guide at


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