Lingerie Models Get In Sexy Cake Fight


Hot babes win every time. Cake Nightclub is celebrating the launch of their flagship location in San Diego and the newly renovated Scottsdale venue with a a provocative two-minute video featuring renowned lingerie models Tika Camaj, Danielly Silva, Carmella Rose, Crystal McCahill, Emily Rose, Maddison Bruhn, and Alana Campos smearing cake all over each other. Check out the video below and expect to see the stunning ladies have their cake and play in it too.

Regarded as the most beautiful women in the city, the Cake Dolls, a trademark of Cake Nightclub, have mastered the best in premium service for a nightlife experience unlike any other. Turning fantasies into reality, the video provides a sneak peek of what one can expect at the French chateau meets “Alice in Wonderland” inspired venues.

The flagship San Diego location boasts a 30 foot, translucent LCD screen, with the highest resolution ever seen in a nightclub. The production, directed by Josh Ryan, and edited by Mike Brillantes, is a first of its kind marketing concept for a nightclub.

“The concept behind the ‘Cake’ teaser was obviously meant to be risqué. Given the sexy nature and incredible production value of the content, we certainly intend for it to go viral in order to bring attention to our brand through social media and other online portals,” says co-founder of EDL Tosh Berman.

“However, if you really pay attention to the storyline, the film is not just about the ‘Cake Dolls’, it’s about the uptight couple who’s able to rediscover that spark in their relationship that they once lost. This is ultimately what Cake Nightclub is meant to be – a place where you can lower your inhibitions, reignite that spark, find passion or awaken your inner child.”

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Just For Men Keith and Clyde #Beardspotting Contest

Just For Men Keith And Clyde #Beardspotting

Can we just remark on how good Just For Men’s Keith Hernandez and Walt “Clyde” Frazier look?

Former New York Mets first basemen Hernandez, known for his signature moustache, is amazingly 61-years old. Former New York Knicks legendary guard Frazier is alarmingly 70! But you would never guess.

What’s in the water in NYC? Maybe it’s Just For Men.

Just For Men created a new sport called #Beardspotting and needs your help to find the best beard ever. To enter, simply upload a photo of your thick, full beard and enter your e-mail address.

Everyone who uploads a beard will have the chance to win signed memorabilia from sports legends and rhyming duo Keith Hernandez and Walt “Clyde” Frazier daily and be included in the quest to find the best beard ever.

#Beardspotting For Just For Men With Keith And Clyde.

One lucky grand prize winner will get a trip for two to NYC to be a guest judge at the National Beard & Moustache Championship in November, hosted in the mecca of both beards and ‘staches: Brooklyn.  Keith and Clyde will also be rewarding those who join the #Beardspotting conversation on social media with custom rhymes.

Don’t be “Mr. Gray” and abstain. The contest runs until September 30th. For more information, go to Or on Twitter via the hashtag #Beardspotting.


Don’t Be “Offsides” In The Bedroom


Have you ever been guilty of “encroachment” in the bedroom, with one of your special ladies? Far more embarrassing than guessing the snap count and getting it wrong, ejaculating is the last thing you want to be premature about.

Promescent is an FDA-approved topical spray to enable men to manage, ahem, premature ejac*lation. Created in 2011 by Dr. Ronald Gilbert (a noted urologist from California) Promescent has allowed men to have more control, the ability to last longer, and have a more fulfilling sexual experience with their partner. Promescent is used to:

· Close the orgasm gap – Men average 5-6 minutes to reach orgasm during intercourse, while it takes women about 17 minutes. Only about 30% of women reach orgasm through intercourse. (The real question is what ARE the 70% doing?)

· Have a more enjoyable sexual experience – The longer a man is able to last, the more intense and satisfying his org*sm will be.

· Treat premature ejac*lation – Unfortunately there isn’t a cure for premature ejac*lation and while there are other solutions such as SSRI’s, Promescent is the only treatment that is minimally invasive with very few possible side effects.

If you’re having trouble with “getting there early,” give Promescent the once over.

A trial size bottle of Promescent is available now for $9.95 (50% off) plus shipping of $4.95 until 12/31/2015.  This is the last time being early will pay off!


Jeff Foxworthy and Aflac Team Up For “Duckprints”

Jeff Foxworthy greets the Aflac Duck at the Aflac Cancer Center at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.
On September 1st, Aflac honored three heroes who have left a giant footprint in the fight against childhood cancer. At the same time, the company celebrated a major milestone of exceeding the $100 million mark in contributions to the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, a nationally renowned children’s cancer facility.

The three honorees, Jeff Foxworthy, Ansley Riedel, a nurse at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta who was treated at the Aflac Cancer Center as a child and Ansley’s mother Vicki Riedel, saw their footprints added to the Duckprints Wall of Fame at the Aflac Cancer Center.

Vicki and Ansley Riedel spend time with Jeff Foxworthy and the Aflac Duck before having their footprints added to the Duckprints Wall of Fame at the Aflac Cancer Center in Atlanta.

Aflac created Aflac Duckprints to honor those who have made a difference in the fight against childhood cancer. Duckprints champions individuals through ceremonies at pediatric cancer hospitals, user-generated nominations on and in social media.


Behind the scenes with NASCAR on NBC


“The first event I ever announced was a women’s gymnastics meet at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln,” said Rick Allen, lead announcer for NASCAR on NBC. “The guy who was supposed to do it didn’t show up. And I just happened to be hanging around, so I did it.”

As the then-reigning back-to-back Big Eight (now Big 12) Conference decathlon champion for the Cornhuskers, as Allen was in 1991 and 1992, why wouldn’t you be hanging around the women’s gymnastics team? If charisma was a sport, he’d still be leading the league.

Allen’s affable, smooth, confident tone on the air transitions just as easily outside of the booth to the confines of the NBC Sports tent where we talked about his job as the voice of NBC Sports’ rejuvenated NASCAR franchise.

“Nothing about this position is easy, but I am privileged and very excited to be here.”

Allen got his start announcing races at Eagle Raceway in Eagle, Nebraska after getting a degree in speech communications.

He joined Fox Sports in 2003 and served as play-by-play man for Camping World Truck Series and Xfinity races until last year. Former NASCAR driver Jeff Burton and former crew chief Steve Letarte join Allen in the booth.

control room

“NASCAR is seen as a guilty pleasure by a lot of people. We’ve all heard the jokes about endlessly turning left. But there is so much more to it. We want to explain and explore the strategy. Think about it in terms of football. If you run the ball on first and second down, you’re setting up a downfield pass on third down to the tight end. There is every bit as much strategy in NASCAR.”


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